A new begin

It is passed a lot of time since I decided to open this blog.

By the way I never wrote a lot, except to load the material that I prepared for the conferences, lesson and summer school. So to avoid to create many skinny posts, I decided that from now, I will load all the materials on my personal OSF page. All the old presentations have been moved there.

Why I decided for a now begin?
I really do not know, but it seems the wind is changing, probably because now, after some months, I am (again) really enthusiast about my work, maybe it is merit of the latest conference I went in Ancona.

During this conference (Idra – XXXVI Italian Meeting of Hydraulic Constructions and Hydraulics) I received some useful feedbacks on my work, especially from Giacomo Bertoldi (GS).

At this conference I presented my work about the upscaling the Schymanski & Or formula from leaf to canopy scale, and even if only preliminary results were obtained, I trust I am on the right way.


9th iEMSs conference in Fort Collins

From June 24 to June 28 2018 in Fort Collins (Colorado, USA) there was the 9th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software “Modelling for Sustainable Food-Energy-Water Systems”.P_20180626_175931

Here I presented my work about the transpiration in hydrological model. After the implementation of a new formula for transpiration, developed by Schymanski & Or in 2017, I tried to upscale the formula, wrote for a single leaf, to the canopy-scale.

Here you can download the presentation of my talk.


Useful scripts to read Oms .csv file

The input and output files of GEOframe-NewAGE model, have a header created by the Oms console, like this:

Created,2018-04-08 10:26
Author,HortonMachine library
Format,yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm,
,2016-06-01 00:00,2.7112480878355196”

To read and display these files I created a very simple script (available for python3 and for Jupyter notebook) downloadable here

These scripts are conceived for our students of Hydrology  and Hydraulic construction classes of the university of Trento, but can be used from everybody that have to deal with GEOframe-NewAGE/Oms

P.S. If you want open it in Excel

VII Geri serminar – Management and rehabilitation of the hydraulic infrastructure

This june me and a collegue of mine, Andrea Menapace, went to the 7th Geri seminar (Gestione E Riabilitazione Infrastrutture Idrauliche –  Management and rehabilitation of the hydraulic infrastructure) organized by the university of Cassino and held at the Castello Angioino-Aragonese in Gaeta.

Here I held my first talk about the an innovative technique to the optimal sensor displacement in a network, in order to detect water leakage. Here you can find the presentation (only in italian).

Who I am

My name is Michele Bottazzi.

My background is in physics, since I obtained my bachelor in physics at the university of Modena and Reggio Emilia and the graduated in physics of the earth system at the university of Bologna. Here I worked for my master thesis with professor Michele Brunetti of the ISAC-CNR to the reconstruction of a high resolution data-set of maximum and minimum daily temperature for an complex orographic area (only in italian).

Now I am a Ph.D. student of Trento University at the department of environmental engineering and I am working together with Prof. Riccardo Rigon.

My research is focused on the evapotranspiration and its modeling in the hydrological model, maybe with the possibility of inclusion of an ecohydrological component.

I have decided to write a blog to summarize my ideas and my work, and to collect all possible useful items.