VII Geri serminar – Management and rehabilitation of the hydraulic infrastructure

This june me and a collegue of mine, Andrea Menapace, went to the 7th Geri seminar (Gestione E Riabilitazione Infrastrutture Idrauliche –  Management and rehabilitation of the hydraulic infrastructure) organized by the university of Cassino and held at the Castello Angioino-Aragonese in Gaeta.

Here I held my first talk about the an innovative technique to the optimal sensor displacement in a network, in order to detect water leakage. Here you can find the presentation (only in italian).


Who I am

My name is Michele Bottazzi. I graduated in atmospheric physics at the University of Bologna. Now I am a Ph.D. student of Trento University at the department of environmental engineering and I am working together with Prof. Riccardo Rigon at .

I have decided to write a blog to summarize my ideas and my work, and to collect all possible useful items.